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sampai lupa udah pesan berapa kali..tapi seller ini highly recommended..barang2nya berkualitas dengan harga yang affordable ^^ ga pernah ketinggalan pantengin update barangnya..takut kehabisan :D

• Khaylila

Thankssss sis.. Sellernya ramah dan baik. Barangnya okeeee bgt, ditunggu koleksi lainnya.

• Indri

Sudah belanja ketiga kalinya.. dan selalu puasssss

Barangnya bagus dan murah hehehe

Thanks Mom :)

• Anita

Clodi udah datang.. trims

Penjualnya baik, sabar melayani :D

Pelayanan memuaskan pokoknya

• Mei C.

Mbak di udah sampai ya clodinya, lucu2 ya ternyata :)

• Yeni

Mba udah ampe ya pesenan aku, lucu euy clodinya, bahannya enakan cluebebe ya ternyata kalo buat bayi. Nanti mau beli lagi ya ...

• ellisya

mom clodinya udah sampai semua, terima kasih :)

recomended seller deh :)

• windies

Sist barang dah datang, puas berbelanja di raisa baby store, kapan next adain diskon lagi ya 

• dewi
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Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers

Charlie Banana was created out of a love for eco-friendliness, quality, and design.  Based out of Hong Kong, they manufacture and distribute their own items so they can control everything from start to finish.  Charlie Banana strives to create products that parents will feel good about using on many levels.  You can feel good knowing you’re reducing your baby’s exposure to chemicals by using cloth diapers, and you can feel good knowing that Charlie Banana designs and manufactures everything with reducing waste in mind.

A few months ago, I was strolling through my local Target and to my delight saw a display of CLOTH DIAPERS!  I hadn’t seen Charlie Banana diapers “in real life“ and was so excited to see them IN a huge retailer like Target!  After several minutes of hovering over the display, my husband finally pulled me away, but not before I snapped a photo! 

Recently, I had the awesome opportunity to review a Charlie Banana one-sized cloth diaper AND one of their 2-in-1 swim diaper & training pants!

I was sent a one-size diaper in one of their adorable Fashion Collection prints, “BlackBeary“.


Charlie Banana’s Fashion Collection, designed by Matthew Langille, is an innovative, modern line of hybrid diapers that are available in six original designs that feature bold colors and an artistic, retro feel.  What makes this diaper a hybrid system?  Well, the Charlie Banana one-size diaper can be used with either reusable or disposable inserts.  The diaper comes with two microfiber inserts, but disposable inserts are also available (which is an excellent option for when you’re traveling or on vacation).

The outside of the diaper is made of soft, waterproof PUL and features a SUPER adorable print.  It has a microfleece inner that’s made of 100% polyester for a stay-dry effect.  The Charlie Banana one-size diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts, one small and one standard size.  The inserts are nice and thick and can be used alone or together if you have a heavy wetter.  The pocket opening of this diaper is at the front and features a flap opening.  If you’re using this as a pocket diaper, the flap will keep the microfiber from directly touching your little one’s skin, and if you’re using it as hybrid system, you’ll simply lay the disposable insert right on top of the microfleece and tuck the insert into the flap. 

photo credit: Charlie Banana
This is a one-size diaper designed to fit babies from 6-25 pounds.  You may be wondering, where are the rise snaps?  Well, Charlie Banana uses a “no-slip, bra-strap design“hidden elastic sizing system, so you can adjust the size of the diaper from small to large quickly and easily.  The sizing adjustment straps are tucked into the interior pocket so no part of the elastic will come into contact with your baby’s skin.  The waist size of the diaper is adjusted through snaps.  There are 8 waist snaps across the front, with hip snaps in place to prevent wing droop.  There are also crossover snaps to accommodate newborns.
I was able to get a great fit on the wubba!  The sizing adjustment was SO easy.  I’ve used other diapers with elastic sizing systems and this is by far the easiest I’ve seen.  Just slide the adjuster to S, M, or L and that’s it!   The back and leg elastic are gentle but still contain messes.  My little guy is a heavy wetter, so I use both inserts and haven’t had any issues with leaks (changing on our regular schedule of every 2-2.5 hours, or when soiled of course).  In the photos below the diaper is set to size M and both inserts are in place.  My little guy is currently 10.5 months old and 22 pounds.  
I also had the chance to try Charlie Banana’s super cute 
2-in-1 swim diapers & training pants in the print “Under the Sea“.  


The Charlie Banana 2-in-1 swim diaper doubles as a trainer.  The outer layer is waterproof PUL and the inner is super soft organic cotton.  There is a built-in mini soaker for absorbency, but it’s not bulky at all.   These are sized swim diapers/trainers, but there’s a drawstring built into the waist so you can adjust the fit.

The 2-in-1 swim diaper/trainer is available in 4 sizes: S, M, L and XL.  I ordered a size Large (21-27 pounds) for my little guy and it fits great!  We’re only using this as a swim diaper since my little one is only 10 months old, so I haven’t tested the true absorbency/functionality of this as a trainer, but it’s definitely trim and easy to take on and off.

Overall, we’re loving our Charlie Banana one-size diaper and 2-in-1 swim diaper & training pants! They’re high quality, fit great and work very well!  The elastic sizing system in the one-size diaper is so easy to adjust and I was able to get a great fit on my little guy.  I love that it’s a hybrid system, which give parents and caregivers the flexibility of using reusable or disposable inserts.  I also love Charlie Banana’s adorable prints, especially the Target exclusives!

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